8 Feb 2009
  Mumbai's newest landmark, the majestic 325-feet tall Global Vipassana Pagoda...
  23 Feb 2009
  The website of C.P. Trivedi & Sons (www.sompura.in) is launched on the..
Temple – a place where even the mightiest bow to respect the divine.  Since ages, temples have been a major part of our culture and a prime symbol of the faith people have put in religion. Kings that have ruled the country have built magnificent temples in dedication to gods and thus in India we can boast of myriad styles of temple and the whole world is in awe of the same.
Mumbai's newest landmark, the majestic 325-feet tall Global Vipassana Pagoda, the tallest pillar-less dome in the world, was dedicated as a "world monument of peace and harmony" by President Pratibha Patil on February 8, 2009.

The structure looms majestically over the GVF complex, spread over 13 acres of lush greenery, near picturesque Gorai in northwest Mumbai, barely a kilometre from the Arabian Sea.
Temple construction is a major challenge as it requires thorough knowledge of the traditional architectural styles and modern building techniques for providing a breathtaking structure.
Indian sculptors have been famous for putting life into stones by their great stone carving skills. From world over millions throng Indian temples and palaces to view the magnificent stone sculptors and handiworks...